Oxbo International Corporation proudly introduces the next generation of multi-crop harvesters specifically developed for increased productivity, performance, reliability, operator comfort, and control. Based upon the legendary Big Jack and Super Jack, the new Oxbo 2430 and 2470 bring unprecedented efficiency to green bean, sweet and seed corn, and other vegetable harvesting operations.

Recognized world-leading multi-crop harvesters
The new 2430 and 2470 harvesters have at their foundation the time-proven articulated chassis with mud conquering mechanical 4WD. This design foundation has earned a stellar reputation for its ability to keep going in adverse conditions, and harvest every acre.

State of the art command and control
Plus+1 by Sauer microcontroller and monitoring systems allow the operator to closely manage the performance of each of the machine’s systems. Feedback loop electronic controls provide unmatched


precision in adjustments to maximize performance. System displays and controls are easy to understand and use. The convenient multi-function joystick puts critical controls at the operator’s fingertips. Wiring is simplified with significant reductions in the quantity of connections and mechanical components required. Plus+1 technology allows easy diagnostics for service.

Comfortable work environment
The 2430 is equipped with a unique cab that allows the operator to stand and reposition in order to reduce fatigue. The 2470 features a fully accessorized John Deere cab, including an automatic harvest function shutdown seat switch.

Completely redesigned dump boxes
The 2430 and 2470 have both been given superb new product dump boxes modeled after the rugged and durable Oxbo dump cart design. Two-stage lift and dump operations allow for dumping at any height. Operators can select either fast or slow dump speed for better control of load transfers.


Large scale productivity
The 2430 makes rapid work of efficiently harvesting large acreage, and its compact design allows it to move or be transported easily and economoically from one field to another. The 2470 is capable of harvesting over six tons of beans without stopping to unload. Both units feature high capacity cleaning and hydraulic fan hood adjustment for greater control of trash dispersal.

Greater utilization with multi-crop harvestingEither of these models can be outfitted with a variety of headers for harvesting green beans, fresh market sweet corn, seed corn and processed sweet corn, plus spinach and greens.

Power and stamina to spare
The 2430 is powered by a 6.8L 173 hp John Deere 6068HF turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine. The 2470 features a Cummins, 6.7L 260 hp engine. These field-proven harvesters are designed to run around the clock in the most demanding conditions.



For more information on the new Oxbo 2430 or Oxbo 2470 multi-crop vegetable harvesters, please contact Brian Maul at 800.628.6196 or