World Ag Expo Top 10 New ProductsOxbo 9120 wins top honors for 2012 World Ag Expo

Oxbo is proud to announce that the new 9120 has been recognized as one of the Top Ten New Products at the upcoming 2012 World Ag Expo, taking place in February in Tulare, California.

How did the 9120 catch the eye of the local farmers and agribusiness professions that judge the competition?

Simple operation and high quality fruit.

Oxbo 9120 raspberry harvester

High quality raspberries picked by the Oxbo 9120

The Oxbo 9120 is the first raspberry harvester specifically designed to mechanically harvest high quality fruit such as IQF grade raspberries. Oxbo product specialists and design engineers met with berry growers and collected extensive feedback before, during, and after the design process to ensure that the 9120 delivered exactly what the industry required.

“The Orbirotor™, a rotary-style picking head first developed under our Korvan brand, has led the market for decades; it allows growers to pick high quality fruit,” commented Brian Foote, Product Representative for Oxbo. “Growers appreciate that the Orbirotor has proven effective across multiple crops—blueberries, raspberries, and other cane berries—and continues to set the standard for effective fruit removal.”

But Oxbo didn’t stop with the picking system. Based on grower input, the 9120 features a unibody frame design for easy loading and unloading of fruit and to keep the inspector height constant. The 9120 also features autosteer and a simple Plus+1 control system. The available push/pull cleaning system extracts leaves and debris while maintaining fruit integrity.

The Oxbo 9120 also features a tight turning radius for infield maneuverability, 23-inches of harvester lift, high road speed, ample room for onboard fruit and flat storage, and an economical engine.

Designed and built at Oxbo’s manufacturing facility in Lynden, Washington, the 9120 was successfully prototyped in 2011 and is now available for sale around the world. For information, please contact Brian Foote at 360.354.1500 ext 413 or