3000 Series Corn Head

Oxbo Corn Head - Series 3000

Exclusive Knife Roll Design Reduces Ear Damage

Oxbo knife rolls are 24in long with a tapered diameter designed specifically for seed corn. The design slows stalk acceleration through the head, reducing ear impact on the stripper plates, the common source of ear damage. Knife rolls are equipped with sharpening blades made of high strength steel that is hard chrome plated to maintain a sharp, hard cutting edge.

Rubber Gathering Belts

Durable rubber gathering belts are long and feature deep paddles. Over-center front idler sprockets eliminate spring tensioners and allow for easy service while keeping the gathering belt securely in place during operation.

Longer Life Stripper Plates

Stripper plates are hard chrome plated for longer life. Patented urethane-cushioned stripper plates offer unmatched protection for seed corn ears (optional). The RASP system is standard and is completely hidden within the row frame structure, reducing the amount of trash buildup between rows.

Patented Unobstructed Auger

15.5in auger features 18in pitch flighting with a thickened outer edge on a 3.5in diameter heavy-wall core tube. A 5in core is offered for large width corn heads in seed corn. The deep, smooth concentric auger trough features a removable center section to accommodate various feederhouses or adapters.

Oxbo Corn Head - Series 3000

Row Frames and Separators

Row frames have increased strength, reduced weigh, and a totally enclosed RASP™ mechanism which gives the operator the ability to move the stripper plates remotely from the cab. Plastic snouts (noses) and row separators (doghouses) are standard for 30" and 70cm row widths.

One Piece Gearboxes
and Auto Lubrication


One gearbox per row drives knife rolls and gathering belts. One piece aluminum housing design features strong gear sets, reduced weight, 20in row capabilities and hardened steel knife roll drive shafts with multiple seals and anti-wrap guards.

Clutches Provide Overload Protection


Radial pin clutches at each gearbox protect against overload. When the clutch is released it generates "load pulses" at right angles to the knife roll driveshaft, greatly reducing stress on the drive system. Each clutch is attached by a clamping mechanism to the input shaft of the gearbox, reducing spline wear and any excess movement. The cross auger is protected by the same type of radial pin clutch.





  • 6 row folding system (only with 30in, 70 or 80cm row spacing)

  • 8 row folding system

  • Manual adjustable stripper plates

  • 4 to 10 rows with row spacing from 20 to 40 inches