Oxbo Wheel Motors

"Maximize Power to the Ground" with Oxbo Remanufactured Wheel Motors

 Machinery performance reliability and uptime are highly critical to your timely and cost effective crop care and harvesting equipment operations. Over the years, Oxbo International has made significant investment in people, capital and assets to provide the best, most cost effective, reliable support in the industry.  

Keys to success in "Maximizing Power to the Ground" performance:

Expert Technical TeamOxbo Exceptional Service Support

  • Performing precise failure diagnosis, identifying a comprehensive list of remanufacturing actions
  • Devising and utilizing ergonomic excellence for exacting, efficient repair and testing

A Wide Range of Special Tools and Fixturing 

  • Assuring precise, repeatable motor remanufacturing and performance testing
  • Facilitating superior tear down and build up efficiencies for optimal cost effectiveness

A Battery of Rigid Performance Tests

  • Validating product field readiness

Oxbo Remanufactured Wheel MotorsGenuine Parts and Product Inventories

Including specialized Oxbo kits to assure comprehensive repair
Delivering quick repair turnaround 
Providing effective catastrophic field support 

The Oxbo Promise

Performance guarantee for harvest season up to 500 operating hours **

**Before new wheel motor installation and operation: 

Machine hydraulic systems must be thoroughly flushed of all contaminants
        and old fluid 
System is refilled with industry/manufacturer approved fluids:

ISO 68- 156, 6156, 6160, 6165 combines
ISO 55- all Oxbo corn harvesters (84xx-96xx)
ISO 55, AW68- Miller and New Holland sprayers (Miller)


  Oxbo Machine Wheel Motor  
 Oxbo 6156 Pea Combine 156, 6156, 6160, 6165 MS18,
  8420, 8420XP, 8430,8435 MS11, MS35  Oxbo 8435 Corn Harvester
 Oxbo 9630 Corn Harvester 9620, 9620XP, 9630 MS18, MS35  
  SP9500, 9500XP MS18  Oxbo SP9500 Pea Combine
Oxbo 4420 Vineyard Multi-Function 4012, 4420 MSE18, MS11  
  Miller Nitro Sprayer Wheel Motor  
 Miller N2 Sprayer N2, N2XP MW14  
  200, 2200, 275, 3200 MS11, MS13, MS18  Miller 200 Sprayer
 Miller 4215 Sprayer 4215 MS11,MS13  
  5215 MS13, MS18  
  4240, 5240 MW14, MS18  Miller 4240 Sprayer
 Miller 4275 Sprayer 4275, 4315, 5275, 5333, 5345 MS18  
  4365, 5365, 5400 MW24  Miller 4365 Sprayer
 Miller Condor Sprayer Condor MS11  
  New Holland (Guardian) Sprayer Wheel Motor  
 New Holland Guardian SP240F Sprayer SP240F, SP240FXP MW14  
  SP5240HTF MW14, MS18  
  SP275F, SP5275F MS18  New Holland Guardian SP275F Sprayer
 New Holland Guardian SP365F Sprayer SP365F, SP5365F MW24