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Oxbo 8040 Blueberry Harvester


Oxbo 8000 Blueberry Harvester

The 8040 single drop harvester gently conveys the fruit through a cleaning system to the back of the machine where it is placed into a lug or tote. The open harvester design provides the driver excellent visibility while picking. For softer field conditions, Oxbo offers an optional high-flotation tire to power the machine through the toughest of conditions. The Total Control Joystick puts all major machine functions at your finger tips. The 8040 is available with Dynarotor, Orbirotor or Sway picking systems. 

Oxbo backs every Model 8040 with local parts and service, both through dealers and through Oxbo facilities.

Oxbo 7440 blueberry harvester
  • Single drop harvester - A single belt efficiently moves fruit to the cleaning system and the 8040 boasts the lowest fruit drop (in inches) of any harvester.
  • Side Guard Lower Belts - These optional guards reduce fruit rubbing and retain the highest quality blueberries.
  • Ultra Low Loss catchers - The 8040 gets the catchers lower on the plant and field tests prove this system retains more fruit than the competition.
  • Simple, easy to operate - The 8040 features easy to use controls and a reliable harvesting platform.
  • Picking system choices - Your choice in picking heads, including the industry-leading Orbirotor, allows you to customize the 8040 to your field conditions.
  • Nose cones and cane lifters - The low profile nose cones and cane lifter design gently transitions the plant into the picking tunnel to maximize fruit retention.


Length 19ft 6in (5.94m)
Shipping length 19ft 6in (5.94m)
Shipping width 10ft 11in (3.33m)
Width 10ft 6in (3.20m) 42 inch tire
Tunnel width 4ft 7in (1.40m)
Minimum height 10ft 10in (3.30m)
Tunnel height minimum 7ft 3in (2.21m)
Effective catching length 10ft 2in (3.1m)
Inside catchers 2ft 2in (0.66m)
Lift 2ft (0.61m)
Tire size 38 x 20-16.1
Optional tires 42 x 25-20 or 600/40-22.5
Cleaning System Fluid bed 
Engine Kohler 56hp turbo diesel, tier 4
Tank Capacities
Fuel 48 gallons (182L)
Hydraulic tank volume 18 gallons (68L)
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Oxbo 8000

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