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Oxbo 7440 Multi-Crop Harvester

Oxbo 7440 Berry Harvester

The 7440 is the second generation of the 7420 featuring an Eco-Mode which allows the harvester to run only as hard as the conditions dictate, dramatically reducing noise and fuel consumption. Growers realized up to 50% fuel savings when in Eco-Mode. New features include head speed control ± 5rpm, a 7 inch bi-lingual, high resolution display, Total Control Joystick, cruise control, auto-height function, acreage counter, improved cooling capacity and more.

The flexible design of the Oxbo 7440 allows for harvesting in many crops, including blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. With solid side panels and each side an equal distance from the center of the tunnel, the Oxbo 7440 travels through the field without causing fruit droppage on adjacent rows. The 7440 gives growers the most choice in customization with a selection of three different picking heads and fully configurable upper and lower cleaning systems.

Oxbo backs every Model 7440 with local parts and service, both through dealers and through Oxbo facilities.

Oxbo 7440 blueberry harvester
  • Wide picking tunnel - The 60-inch picking tunnel, the widest on the market, accommodates even large, mature plants.
  • Picking System - Your choice of picking heads, including the industry-leading Orbirotor, allows you to customize the 7440 to your field conditions.
  • All-wheel hydrostatic drive - Efficient four wheel drive system provides ultimate stability and minimal compaction.
  • Eco-mode - Designed to run the engine only as hard as conditions dictate. In certain conditions, growers realized 50% fuel savings. Also, noise is dramatically reduced.
  • High-Resolution color display - New integrated harvester control system. Many of the operational controls and gauges have been integrated into this new control center offering an improved dash layout and function.
  • Total control joystick - Puts all of the major machine functions at your fingertips.
  • Moveable rear deck - High capacity rear deck lowers for easy fruit off-loading.


Length 16ft 10in (5.13m)
Shipping Length 12ft 4in (6.50m)
Lift 1ft 10in (0.56m)
Width 10ft (1.52m)
Tunnel Width 5ft (1.52m)
Min. Height 13ft (3.96m)
Effective Catching Length 9ft 2in (2.79m)
Inside Catchers 2ft 2in (0.66m)
Size 500/45 -22.5 12ply
Engine Cummins® 85hp turbo diesel
Tank Capacities
Fuel 45 gallons (170L)
Hydraulic Oil 29 gallons (109L)

Oxbo 7440 Features

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Oxbo 7440 Harvesters

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