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Oxbo 9140 Raspberry Harvester

Oxbo 9120 IQF Raspberry HarvesterIQF Harvester: The Oxbo 9140 berry harvester was designed to harvest IQF raspberries. Working with industry experts, Oxbo design engineers built the 9140 with a fruit delivery system geared toward maintaining the highest possible fruit quality from the plant to the flat.

Superior Fruit: The 9140 delivers several features aimed at maintaining your fruit quality:

  • Minimal drops, minimal drop height: Minimal fruit transitions and the lowest drop height increase quality.
  • Fluid bed cleaning system: The improved cleaning action of the 9120 efficiently and effectively removes debris and is still gentle on the fruit.
  • OrbirotorĀ® system: This rotary style head has set the industry standard. It moves freely with the plant and gently removes ripe berries
  • EvenFill: EvenFill is Oxbo's on-board scale systems which creates consistent flat weight and improves efficiencies in the processing plant.
  • Orbirotor picking system - Every 9140 comes standard with Oxbo's Orbirotor picking system to deliver high quality fruit.
  • Side operator platform - Operator has full visibility and easy access. All controls are within reach.
  • Push-pull cleaning system - Delivers high quality, clean raspberries to the flat.
  • Additional storage for empty flats - The rear of the 9140 provides an extra 18.2 square feet of storage for empty flats to keep the machine working in the field.
  • Ample on-board storage - The 9140 delivers 66.4 square feet of storage on the side deck, providing ample room for full and empty flats.
  • Tight turning radius -  The harvester can quickly turn around in tight headlands.
  • Harvester lift - The 9140 has up to 23 inches of harvester lift to accommodate a variety of field types.
  • Easy engine access -  The 9140 delivers easy access to the engine compartment for quick servicing.
Length 17ft 8in (5.39m)
Shipping length 14ft (4.27m)
Shipping width 7ft 11in (2.41m)
Width 12ft 4.5in (3.77m) 25-inch deck
Tunnel width 4ft 4in (1.02m)
Minimum height 10ft 5in (3.18m)
Tunnel height minimum 7ft 4in (2.24m)
Effective catching length 10ft (3m)
Inside catchers 2ft 7in (0.79m)
Lift 23in (0.58m)
Tire size 31 x 15.5-15
Optional tires 35 x 19-16.1
Cleaning System
Engine 56hp Kohler
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Oxbo 9120 Raspberry Harvester

Oxbo 9120 Raspberry Harvester

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