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Oxbo 9200 coffee harvestersOxbo 9240 Coffee Harvester

For almost two decades, leading coffee growers around the world have trusted the durability of model 9200 harvesters to harvest the highest quality coffee while reducing labor costs. The next generation Oxbo 9240 builds on the reputation and design of Korvan harvesters currently running in Brazil.

Why is the Oxbo 9240 up to 45% more productive than our competition? 

  • Faster through-put of coffee due to a new cleaning system
  • Auger style conveyors are faster and more efficient at moving coffee than belts
  • A larger, high speed unloading 2,950 L recycle bin allows for continuous harvesting
Oxbo 9240 Coffee Harvester Features and Benefits
  • Large Picking Tunnel: The large picking tunnel of the Model 9240 accepts bigger trees at higher picking speeds with minimal damage and cherry loss.
  • Picking Head: Dynarotor Plus picking head uses an "aggressive" horizontal shaking action to remove the cherries. The 9240 cleans the trees better than any other harvester on the market. And for growers looking for more selectivity, we offer a "selective pick" option.
  • Standard Recycle Bin: New larger recycle bin now holds 2950 L. Our high speed recycle bin allows you to store coffee when the OTR conveyor is shut off, allowing for continual harvesting and limited stops. Just another way to increase your in-field productivity!
  • Customized: With optional recycle bin allows you to store coffee when OTR conveyor is shut off, allowing for continual harvesting and limited stops. You can customize your Oxbo 9240 to your field and your operation.
  • Easy Operation: The three-wheel design allows for a tight turning radius. Operator is positioned above the picking unit for excellent visibility and with controls within easy reach.
  • New Cleaning System: Pioneered from the Oxbo grape harvester line our unique fan system cleans on the drop, which is more effective and faster than trying to remove debris off a belt.
  • Air-Conditioned Cab: Gives the operator a comfortable working environment. The cab is equipped with a 711 color display. 
  • Pin-wheel Leaf Agitator: Separates coffee from leaves and sticks resulting in less fruit loss and a cleaner final product.
  • Powertrain: The Oxbo 9240 features a proven and reliable Cummins Tier 3 CSF2.8 54 kW engine. The engine is located low to the ground for increased harvester stability as well as for easy servicing and maintenance.
Length: 18ft 2in (5.54m)
Shipping length:18ft 2in (5.54m)
Width: 10ft 6in (3.20m)
Tunnel width:55in (140cm)
Overall height (machine set to the lowest position): 14ft 5in (4.39m)
Tunnel height minimum:110in (279cm)
Lift 24in (61cm)
Effective catching length: 142in (360cm)
Inside catchers: 20.75in (53cm)
Front tires: 500/45R-22.5)
Rear tires: 500/60R-22.5
Engine: Cummins Tier 3 CSF2.8
Horsepower: 72hp (54 kW)
Tank Capacities
Fuel: 48 gallons (180 liters)
Hydraulic oil: 34 gallons (130 liters)


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9240 Coffee Harvester

9240 Coffee Harvester

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