Oxbo Fleet Command Integrated Telematics

With the integration of FleetCommand, now standard, on Oxbo's 6120, 6220, 6420 grape and olive harvesters, Oxbo gives you the tools you need to optimize your fleet of grape and olive harvesters. FleetCommand gives you easy access to up-to-date harvester data with configurable hour reports and notifications as well as turn-by-turn directions to harvesters in the field. With FleetCommand, you can subscribe technical support resources to drive uptime and productivity in the field.

FleetCommand gives you access to critical information like head speed, idle time, or ground speed, and you can subscribe to text notifications if a machine in your fleet is outside your operating parameters. This ensures more consistent harvesting across machines and enables more consistent loads. FleetCommand also provides simple solutions for diagnostics and maintenance reminders.

FleetCommand was designed to optimize your harvester performance.

Mobile Phone View

This is an example of the mobile phone view of an asset in FleetCommand. You can subscribe to an asset or make it a favorite if you have a large fleet. In the mobile view, you have access to all the basic information from the system.

Fleet View

This example of a fleet view gives you an easy, one glance, overview of your fleet and you can see if any machine or operator is experiencing excessive down time. Fleet optimization is possible when you can view settings across harvesters or support vehicles.

In Depth Information

Using the web FleetCommand portal, you have full access to your equipment data. You can set data parameters, check fault codes, manage maintenance items and track harvester settings.

View your equipment location

Looking for a harvester or support vehicle? Get the exact coordinates and even generate turn by turn directions to any item in your fleet. You can also subscribe technical support so that they can easily find the equipment in the field, even in the middle of the night.

Equipment settings snapshot

Need more information about harvester settings? Every 10 minutes, the current settings are available in FleetCommand, giving you the ability to optimize each harvester.

View your entire fleet

FleetCommand gives you quick and easy visibility to every asset in your fleet using familiar Google maps integration.

Data to drive decision making

FleetCommand also gives you the data you need to drive decision making.

Optimize your settings

Optimize your settings by capturing performance when the machine is at its best.

Settings and Fruit quality

Optimize your settings by capturing performance when the machine is at its best...and understand the differences needed between fields and varieties.