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Oxbo is proud to announce the new 4334, the world's first self-propelled merger

Features & Benefits

The new Oxbo 4334 self-propelled merger drives your forage quality, productivity, and operator comfort

  1. 41-inch high wind guards: Keeps light crop on the conveyor
  2. Rubber mounted 2-inch spaced tines: Excellent recovery even in light or difficult crop
  3. Easy to use controls: Adjust your merger on the fly with the ability to raise, lower, fold, and unfold heads with a well positioned joystick and easy to use controls
  4. Climate controlled cab: Features air ride seat and full visibility of all 34-feet of crop pick up; reduces driver fatigue and contributes to improved forage quality
  5. Center cam drive: Strong support, minimal gap between heads
  6. Quick fold access ladder: Step to operator's platform fold up and out of the way
  7. Quick fold heads: Heads fold up quickly for a narrow, 10-foot transport width; steps to operator's platform fold up and out of the way
  8. Smooth crop flow: Easy transition from heads to conveyor
  9. Conveyor trough: Delivers uniform, consistently shaped windrow for smoother harvester feeding
  10. Wide shoes: Smooth head ride over rocks, chuck holes, pivot tracks, or ruts; eliminate header bounce
Transport width: 9ft 10in (3.0m)
Working width: 39ft 9in (12.12m)
Actual width: 33ft 11in (10.34m)
Transport length: 23ft 7.5in (7.2m)
Working length: 24ft 5in (7.44m)
Transport height: 12ft (3.66m)
Wheel base: 10ft 8in (3.25m)
Weight (full fuel): 28,240lb (12809kg)
Conveyor length: Two 12ft (3.66m); One 10ft (3.05m)
Conveyor belt width: 3ft (0.91m)
Strippers: Poly
Rubber mounted teeth: 2in spacing
Front: 700/50-30.5
Rear: 600/55-26.5
Front: 7ft 2in (2.18m)
Rear: 7ft 6.5in (2.3m)
Turning Radius: 92.5in (2.35m) (inside front tire)
4WD, Low Range 0-17mph (0-24.7km/h)
4WD, High Range 0-30mph (0-48.3km/h)
John Deere: 6.8L, 250hp, turbocharged, Tier III, Liquid cooled

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Oxbo 4334 Self-Propelled Forage Merger

Oxbo 4334 Self-Propelled Merger

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