Oxbo's Pixall VST

Oxbo's Pixall VST for fresh market beansUsed around the world, Oxbo's Pixall VST can be used in single as well as multiple installation. The photo shows five Pixall VST's being used side-by-side to clean and grade large quantities of green beans in a large commercial fresh market operation.

Oxbo's Pixall Vibratory Sorting Table (VST) eliminates pin beans, broken beans, rocks, leaves, and other field debris, assuring a clean, high quality fresh market product that appeals to the quality-conscious wholesale buyer as well as the supermarket shopper.

By removing debris--non-saleable material--you can increase the perception of your product. Wholesale buyers are sensitive to "settlings" in the bottom of the box. Clean, sorted, and graded beans make for repeat purchases and greater profitability.

A variable speed feed brush regulates the flow of beans from the rear landing area onto the gently vibrating two-stage stainless steel sorting pans. The VST requires no optional or extra-cost pans or screens. Grading for varying lengths is quickly and easily changed by merely adjusting the pan gate openings.

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Oxbo's Pixall Even Feeder

Oxbo Even Feeder for Fresh Market Green BeansOxbo's Pixall Even Feeder enhances the hour output of the VST and eliminates one worker from the bean packing line.

The Even Feeder's generous five bushel hopper can be filled and allowed to run unattended for five minutes. One packing line worker can quickly fill the hopper and return to work packing beans.

The Even Feeder's cleated rubber conveyor gently distributes beans evenly across the VST's entire 36-inch (91cm) width. Metered feeding at a rate of 60 bushels per hour keeps the VST sorting table uniformly supplied with product and keeps your bean line moving, increasing production.

The Even feeder reduces labor inputs and boosts output which increases your overall profitability picture

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