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Oxbo CP400 Fresh Market Sweet Corn Picking SystemOxbo CP400 Fresh Market Sweet Corn Picking System

Since it's introduction as the Pixall Corn Puller, the CP400 has set the standard for hand-picked quality fresh market sweet corn. The 4-row design of the CP400 allows you to harness the power of a number of Oxbo chassis and to deliver true in-field productivity without sacrificing the quality of your sweet corn.

  • Gentle Harvesting - Gentle harvesting The Oxbo CP400 combines uses a natural, gentle picking action that imitates hand picking, which gives you the same high quality, dark green product delivered by a hand picking crew or mule train. The CP400 gently strips ears off stalks and drops them only a short distance to a soft rubber conveyor, eliminating mechanical damage.
  • Hand picked action - Ears are pulled off stalks in the same motion as in hand picking. No knives, blades or stop plates touch the ears. Two hydraulically driven rollers gently pull the ears off the stalks, retaining the long shank and all of the outer leaves. The puller rollers are fully adjustable to accommodate small to extra large ears. The concept is simple, and so are the adjustments.
  • Tray-Pack Quality - At in-field picking tests in which actual hand-picked sweet corn is compared to product picked mechanically by the Oxbo CP400, even the extra fussy tray-pack customers agree that there is no significant difference between hand-picked and CP400 harvested sweet corn.

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Harvesting Heads CP400

Harvesting Heads CP400 Photos

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