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Oxbo 6230 Trunk Shaker Grape HarvesterOxbo 6230 Grape Harvester

The Oxbo 6230 grape harvester features an efficient, effective trunk shaking picking head. Oxbo has worked closely with growers and industry veterans to design the 6230 harvester and the trunk shaker picking head to deliver a superior product to the industry, not just an update to an existing technology. The Oxbo design accommodates a full range of trellis configurations with either a trunk shaker, indexing bow rod picking system, or forced-balance shaking head. It consistently delivers faster harvesting speeds and cleaner fruit quality.

This versatile harvester can handle steep and challenging terrains while the Oxbo cleaning system delivers the highest quality fruit, even in high tonnage crops. The versatile 6230 can also be equipped with a PremiumSort cleaning system.

Oxbo 6230 trunk shaker features and benefits
  • 1. Three fan cleaning system, PremiumSort or PremiumDestem - Proven effective at removing debris by removing M.O.G. at transition spots
  • 2. High capacity buckets - High quality material for long life; designed to carry your fruit to maintain fruit quality
  • 3. Nylon catcher plates - Gentle on the vines; deliver long life and low maintenance
  • 4. All-wheel hydrostatic drive system or High Performance Ground drive option - Delivers stability and control
  • 5. Powerful performance: 174hp CAT engine powers the harvester through all vineyard conditions
  • 6. Oxbo trunk shaker picking head - Gentle and effective picking action for a wide variety of trellis system and vineyard configurations
  • 7. High quality fruit - The 6230 delivers the highest quality wine and juice grapes
Length 21ft (6.4m)
Width 11ft 11in (3.63m)
Minimum Height 12ft 10in (3.91m)
Lift 30in (0.76m)
Minimum Height (cab) 14ft 2in (4.32m)
Tunnel Dimensions
Tunnel Width 4ft 6in (1.37m)
Effective Catching Length 14ft 6in (4.42m)
Shipping Dimensions
Length 21ft (6.4m)
Width 11ft 11in (3.63m)
Minimum Height 12ft (3.66m)
Minimum Height (cab) 12ft 2in (3.71m)
Front size 420/70R24
Standard Rear Tires 480/70R28

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Oxbo 6220 Trunk Shaker Photos

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