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Oxbo 6420 Super High Density (SHD) Olive harvesterOxbo 6420 Olive Harvester

Oxbo delivers a custom harvesting solution to the Super High Density Olive market. The American made Oxbo 6420 delivers in-field reliability, productivity, and high quality olives. Using feedback from industry growers, processors, and nurseries, Oxbo designed the 6420 from the ground up with a focus on providing a customer Super High Density Olive harvesting solution. This unique tall tunnel machine leads the industry in versatility.

Features and Benefits

Feature and benefits of the Oxbo 6420 Olive harvester

  1. Large picking tunnel: 108-138 inch picking tunnel accommodates large trees
  2. Innovative cab: Cab slides down for easy machine transport
  3. Nylon catcher plates: Gentle on the trunk, effective olive retention
  4. All-wheel hydrostatic drive system: Delivers stability and control plus 14 mph road speed and up to 4mph harvesting speed
  5. Three fan cleaning system: Proven effective at removing debris and features hydraulic fan flip for easy transport
  6. Versatile conveyance and storage: Customize your 6420 for your unique conditions with your choice of an over-the-row conveyor, a recycle bin, or dual dump bins
  7. Center mounted cab: Comfortable, air-conditioned cab is center mounted for optimal visibility in all harvesting conditions
  8. Flexible harvesting: The 6420 easily picks both super high density olives and grapes
Length: 21ft (6.4m)
Width: 11ft 11in (3.63m)
Minimum Height:: 14ft 2in (4.32m)
Lift: 30in (0.76m)
Tunnel Dimensions
Tunnel Width: 4ft 6in (1.37m)
Minimum Tunnel Height: 9ft (2.74m)
Maximum Tunnel Height: 11ft 6in (3.50m)
Effective Catching Length: 14ft 6in (4.42m)
Shipping Dimensions
Length: 21ft (6.4m)
Width: 11ft 11in (3.63m)
Minimum Height: 12ft 2in (3.71m)
Front Size: 420/70R24
Standard Rear Tires: 480/70R28
Optional Rear Tires: 60/55 -26.5 (adds 3 inches to width)
Engine: Tier III, 173hp turbo charged John Deere 4045
Ground Drive
Motors: Sauer M46
Torque Hubs: Fairfield
Pump: Sauer H1
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Oxbo 6420

Oxbo 6420 SDH olive harvester

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