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Oxbo VPC1500 Bean headOxbo 1200, 1500 and 1800 Picking Heads

The Oxbo bean head provides greater recovery, higher quality beans and high productivity. Each Oxbo bean head features a header flotation system which continually monitors and reacts to changes in ground conditions.

Oxbo CP100
  • Stainless Steel Remote Adjustable Concave - The key to the performance of the VPC (Variable Position Concave) bean head is Oxbo's remote adjustable concave. The revolutionary concave, made of durable and abrasion resistant stainless steel, can be adjusted from the cab on the go, 24 degrees or 7.5 inches of vertical travel, allowing the operator to fine tune the concave as crop and field conditions change. The operator can easily adjust the concave to match bean plant height or pod set, which reduces ground loss, especially in shorter hard to pick beans.
  • Revolutionary Header Floatation System - The header flotation system on Oxbo's bean heads is seamless, continually monitoring and reacting to changes in ground conditions. The new pressure reducing system maintains a present ground pressure (set by the operator in the cab) in the header lift cylinders for a customized "float" position. The ground roller senses changes in the ground contour and allows the pressure reducing system to immediately react to changes and to smoothly maintain the proper picking height. Constant, smooth operation is even possible in muddy fields. A handy pressure gauge assists the operator in precisely setting header flotation right from his seat. You pick more beans and make more money on every acre.
  • Stationary Reel - A stationary reel mounted directly to the header frame works in connection with adjustable concave to further reduce header loss. The stationary reel and new smaller diameter live roller remain in constant alignment at all times. No matter where the concave is set, the spacing between the picking reel fingers and the live roller remain the same. There simply are no gaps through which beans can fall so ground loss at this critical point is virtually eliminated. Reel speed is infinitely adjustable to operating speeds up to 250rpm.
  • Constant Angle Plant Aligners - Working with the new remote adjustable concave are Oxbo's exclusive constant angle plant aligners. When the concave is adjusted up or down, the plan aligning brushes and roller maintain a constant angle to the ground. Constant angle plant alignment gently but positively directs plants and unpicked beans into the picking head, resulting in uniform picking, higher recovery and better quality beans. Brushes are trouble free and reliable--there is no misalignment to contend with.
  • Lower Cross Conveyors - The cross conveyors have 11% more surface area and are mounted 4 inches lower, which greatly improves picking geometry, allowing the reel to run at slower rpm's. The benefit is two-fold. First, there is less damage to the raw product because the reel does not transport the product as far or as fast as other designs. Second, there is less loss due to the lower, gentler angle of the new cross conveyors.
  • Head Pivots with Ease - The exclusive center pivot function of new high recovery Oxbo headers is smoother operating thanks to a ball joint at the center pivot and double guide rollers. Header pivots side to side easier and quicker to more precisely follow ground contours, picking evenly on both sides.
  • Other benefits include - Simple drives, only three hydraulic motors are used to power the entire head. Picking reel, cross conveyors and live roller remain in constant stationary alignment at all times to maintain optimum positioning efficiency for higher recovery and top quality. Available with optional header pre-cleaners
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Harvesting Heads VPC II

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