Oxbo 1080 Pepper Harvester

Oxbo 1080 Pepper Harvester, elevator discharge keeps you in the field

Oxbo leveraged decades of experience providing specialized agriculture with dependable, reliable, efficient harvesting equipment and joined forces with pepper growers and a progressive harvesting head manufacturer to deliver the 1080 mechanical green and dry chile pepper harvester.

The 1080 features an 80-inch wheel track centerline and an elevator discharge chute to maximize your productivity in the field. The 1080 delivers high crop recovery and puts you back in control of your harvest operation.

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Length: 12ft 7in (7.8m)
Width 12ft 10in (3.9m)
Height 12ft 10in (3.9m)
Track 6ft 4in (1.9m)
Wheelbase 11ft (3.6m)
Engine John Deere 4.5L, Tier III
Horsepower 140hp

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