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Oxbo 2460 seed corn harvesterOxbo 2560 Seed Corn Harvester

The Oxbo 2560 represents the ultimate corn harvester for operations utilizing up to 8 row heads. A robust chassis equipped with mechanical 4 wheel drive and articulated steering results in a design that is nearly unstoppable in even the worst of conditions. A single stage cleaning system with a large diameter adjustable speed fan delivers a clean, damage free product while providing operators with low maintenance requirements and ultimate in reliability harvester. Oxbo designed the 2560 to deliver the performance your conditions demand: getting your crop in when it is ready, regardless of field conditions. Now, with available Steer-by-Stalk and YieldTrakk GPS yield mapping you have technology and performance to take your operation to the next level. 

Oxbo 2460 Seed Corn Harvester Features and Benefits
  • Premium product quality - Harvest high quality seed corn or sweet corn without sacrificing production throughput
  • Auxiliary hydraulic oil cooler - Protects your investment, delivers longer pump and motor life cycles
  • Redesigned dump box - Dump at any height. Simplified design eliminates bell-cranks, links, and cables to reduce maintenance
  • Increased capacity - Large dump box capacity reduces stops to unload
  • Legendary mudability - Features the same capability to operate in extreme conditions as the DB18
  • Versatile, multi-crop - Compatible with Oxbo’s 3000 and 60 series corn heads.
  • Reliable Power - Stage 5 and Tier 3 (export only) John Deere 9.0 Liter engines for efficient clean power.
  • Latest Technology - YIELDTrakk GPS mapping system for measuring crop yields for agronomic analysis as well as providing accurate live box weight for logistics.


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Oxbo 2460 Seed Corn Harvester

Photos of the Oxbo 2460

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