Oxbo 6170Oxbo 6170 Broad Bean and Lima Bean Harvester

Oxbo is proud to introduce the next generation in pea, lima bean and garbanzo bean harvesters.

The Oxbo 6170 provides improved cleaning with a more advanced threshing sysytem and improved fuel economy with maximum horsepower. The decreased engine speed makes the 6170 the quietest harvester ever. Several new options are available to provide the technology and operator comfort you've come to expect.


Features & Benefits

  1. Large capacity hopper - Capable of holding up to 5,000lbs of peas (2270kg).
  2. Threshing capacity - Harvests up to 3.5 acres and 12,000 lbs of peas per hour.
  3. "Wash in Place" - Single point wash down system saves time, increases safety.
  4. Powerful engine - 420hp John Deere 13.5L engine provides the power you need to get the crop in regardless of conditions.
  5. Leveling system - Delivers 10% fore and aft and 18% side-to-side leveling for easy field operation.
  6. Drive system options - Choose either 6-wheel drive, programable traction control system or our optional track system for your harvesting needs.
  7. Efficient, effective head - The Oxbo 4040 harvests 13 feet (3.96m) in every pass.
  8. Five-beater threshing system - Ensures all pods open quickly and gently to reduce field loss and damage.
  9. Optional automatic reel end scrapers - Proven to increase travel wheel life.


Length (with header) 40.83ft (12.45m)
Width 14ft 6in (4.42m)
Width (without header & platform) 11 ft 4in (3.45m)
Height (level position with hopper) 14ft 6in (4.42m)
Wheelbase 13ft 1in (3.99m)
Width (front 4 wheels) 11ft 4in (3.45m)
Width (rear wheels, steering) 11ft 2in (3.40m)
Net stripper reel width 13ft (3.96m)
Hopper dump height (level machine) 9ft 1in (2.77m)
Tires & Tracks  
Tire Size 710/45-26.5
Engine Scania DC13L Tier 4F
Horsepower 450hp @ 1550rpm (330.98 kW)
Ground Speeds
Max road speed (for wheels and tracks) 23.2mph (37.34km/hr)
Max field speed (for wheels and tracks) 10.2mph (16.4km/hr)
Hopper capacity 5,000lbs (2,270kg)
Machine leveling  
Fore/Aft ± 10%
Side-to-side ± 18%
Tank Capacities  
Fuel tank 310 gallons (1,173L)
 Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)  15 gallons (60L)
Hydraulic tank volume 175 gallons (665L)
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