Oxbo Seed Corn Harvesters

Oxbo offers the most complete line of seed corn harvesters and corn heads. Oxbo's history of delivering high productivity to seed corn operations can be traced back to the legacy of the Byron brand. Today, Oxbo engineers draw on nearly 40 years of experience listening and responding to the demands of seed corn growers.


Oxbo 2530

Oxbo 2530

Oxbo 2560

Oxbo 2560 Sweet Corn Harvester

Oxbo 2570

Oxbo 2570 Sweet Corn Harvester

Oxbo 2580

Oxbo 2580 Sweet Corn Harvester

Oxbo 8520

Oxbo 8520 Sweet Corn Harvester

Oxbo 8530

Oxbo 8530 Sweet Corn Harvester

Oxbo 8840

Oxbo 2485 Sweet Corn Harvester

Oxbo Seed Corn Heads

Oxbo 60 Series

Oxbo 60 Series Corn Head

Oxbo 3000 Series Corn Heads

Oxbo 3000 Series Corn Heads


Oxbo 5180 Self-Propelled

Oxbo 5180

  • Rear folding design
  • Comfort control cab
  • Vertically traveling row units
  • QuickLock row units

Oxbo TS4 TasselStalker

Oxbo TS4 TasselStalker

  • Designed for the Oxbo 7550 Sprayer
  • Integrated toolbar control
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved utilization of assets

Oxbo TS2 TasselStalker

Oxbo TS2 TasselStalker

  • Highly effective detasseling
  • Quick change cutters and pullers
  • Rugged, reliable and effective
  • Button-touch auto-fold

Dump Carts

Oxbo 35 Series

Oxbo 35 Series Dump Carts

Research Plot Combine

Oxbo 9840

Oxbo 9820 Research Plot Combine