Oxbo TS4 TasselStalker DetasselerOxbo TS4 TasselStalker™ Detasseler

The Oxbo TasselStalker,™ TS2 toolbar set the standard in detasseling for pulling percentage as well as productivity. We took the best qualities in our TS2 and the 5170’s TS3 to create the new TS4, exclusively for the Oxbo 7550 sprayer, making it the most productive combination in the seed industry.

Oxbo TS4 Detasseler

  • Detector vision sensing system- Provides the most reliable, accurate detasseling performance available. The exclusive Detector™ dual beam opposed mode sensing system uses two sets of emitters and receivers per lift arm. They are positioned opposite each other, each sending a beam of light, so an object is sensed when it interrupts the beam. The Detector dual vision system offers the most reliable sensing through dirt, fog, dew or other challenging environments.
  • Precise in-cab settings-The large 12 inch display shows the operator the exact position of the linear actuators on each row unit. Once the setting has been made, the operator can lock the row units and adjust with one setting.
  • Reduced weight- The new design improved machine balance and removed bulk across the bar, providing a streamlined design. The TS4 pullers are 30% lighter than the previous design making switching between cutters and pullers even easier.
  • Minimized maintenance- The simplified design of the TS4 requires less maintenance than the TS2. Flat-faced hydraulic couplers stay cleaner than previous fittings making switching heads fast.

Available Configurations
Rows:12 over 16
Pattern:4-1, 4-2 & 4-1-2-1

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TS4 Detasseler

TS4 Detasseler

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