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Oxbo 8430 Seed Corn HarvesterOxbo 8430 Seed Corn Harvester

Backed by nearly four decades of experience providing dependable seed corn harvesters, Oxbo delivers on its reputation of reliability and customer service with every high powered 8430.

Oxbo 8430 Seed Corn Harvester Features and Benefits
  • Scania Tier 4F engine - Powerful 9.3L engine with unmatched fuel economy and 375hp.
  • Centralized cabinet - Convenient location for access to filters, valves, and power supply.
  • Optional belted elevator - Gently conveys valuable crops.
  • Cleaning system options - Model 602 Belt conveyor maintains gentle handling while providing improved conveyance or Chain option, model 601.
  • Multiple configurations - Extra wide catwalks, elevators, belts or chain conveyance, dual wheels, and various track width spacings are just some of the choices available.
  • Easier access - New engine compartment design allows you to check levels and maintain engine easier than before.
  • Powerful fans - Removes trash before conveyance for the cleanest loads.
  • OxboConnect - Support at your fingertips. World-class online parts, service and support system.
Transport Dimensions
Length (machine only): 28ft 3in (8.6m)
Width (without header): 11ft 3in (3.43m)
Height: 13ft 1in (3.99m)
Wheelbase: 13ft 8in (4.17m)
Width of wheel centers model 8430C:101 in (3.89m)
Width of wheel centers model 8430W:120 in (3.05m)
Width of wheel centers model 8430CW:90 in and 120 in (rear) (2.29m/3.05m)
Width of wheel centers model 8430CWE:120 in and 150 in (rear) (3.05m/3.81m)
Front tire options 8430C & 8430W: 800/65R32 or 900/60R32 Michelin MEGAXBIB
Rear tire options 8430C & 8430W:480/80R26 Michelin XMCL Industrial
 VF520/80R26 Michelin CEREXBIB 
 600/65R28 Firestone All-traction DT 
Front tire options 8430CW & 8430CWE:620/70R42 Firestone All-traction DT 
 520/85R42 Michelin AGRIBIB
 650/65R42 Goodyear DT820 TL
Rear tire options 8430CW & 8430CWE:600/65R28 Firestone All-traction DT
 480/80R26 Michelin XMCL Industrial
 VF520/80R26 Michelin CEREXBIB
Engine: Scania 9.3L Tier 4F
Horsepower: 375hp @ 1850rpm (275.8kW)
Tier 3 engine (Available for export only):John Deere 9L
Tier 3 horsepower:350hp @ 2200rpm (257.4kW)
Ground Speeds
4 wheel drive (Lo): 6.5mph (10.5km/hr)
4 wheel drive (High): 14mph (22.5km/hr)
2 wheel drive (Lo): 10.5mph (16.9km/hr)
2 wheel drive (High): 21mph (33.8km/hr)
Tank Capacities
Fuel: 250 gallons (946.4L)
Engine oil system capacity:8 gallons (30.3L)
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF):10 gallons (37.9L)
Hydraulic fluid: 70 gallons (265L)
Cooling system:20 gallons (75.7L)
Fuel: (Tier 3)250 gallons (946.4L)
Engine oil system capacity: (Tier 3) 8 gallons (30.3L)
Hydraulic fluid: (Tier 3)70 gallons (265L) 
Cooling system: (Tier 3) 15 gallons (56.8L)
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Oxbo 8430 Seed Corn Harvester

Oxbo 8430 Seed Corn Harvester

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