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Oxbo 8435 Seed CornHarvesterOxbo 8435 Seed Corn Harvester

Oxbo continues the legacy of offering high power, rugged seed corn chassis with the 8435, achieving high productivity with the ability to carry a 20 row corn head. With a history of providing seed growers with innovative equipment for over 50 years, Oxbo’s 8435 is a continuation of our commitment to improving your productivity in the field and the quality of your end product.

Backed by nearly four decades of experience providing dependable seed corn harvesters, Oxbo delivers on its reputation of reliability and customer service with every high powered 8435.

Features and Benefits:

Oxbo 8435 Seed Corn Harvester Features and Benefits
  1. High capacity elevator design: Features 4-inch higher sides.
  2. Efficient elevator discharge: Elevator speed and unloading height are adjustable from the cab; elevator can be positioned to the left, right, or rear for in-field productivity.
  3. Reinforced turntable: Robust motor and elevator mounting system to easily handle the long, higher capacity elevator.
  4. Front dual tires: 120- or 180" center front dual tires deliver consistent performance in all field conditions.
  5. Comfortable, functional cab: Quiet working environment with air conditioning, heating, CD player, tilt steering, and excellent visibility to the corn head and the elevator.
  6. Increased head drive capacity: 33% larger corn head drive pump and gearbox.
  7. Increased header lift capacity: Increase your productivity with the ability to carry up to a 20 row corn head.
  8. Heavy duty feeder house: Open rear area to cleaning unit for smooth product flow of high volumes.
  9. Oxbo 50 Series Corn Head: Paired with the 50 Series corn head, the 8435 delivers higher retention and less damage.
Length without header: 20ft (6.10m)
Width without header: 16ft 7in (5.05m)
Height (standard tires): 12ft 3in (3.73m)
Track: 8ft 4in (2.54m)
Inside turning radius: 8ft 11in (2.72m)
Power unit with 530 elevator: 32,950lbs (14,946kg)
Standard front tires: 480/80 R42
Optional front duals: 20.8 R42 or 650/65 R42
Standard rear tires: 580/70R26
Engine: Tier III John Deere 9.0L, turbo charged
Horsepower: 350hp @ 2200rpm
Ground Speeds
Max Low range speed (4 wheel drive): 7.3mph (11.7km/hr)
Max Low range speed (2 wheel drive): 11.2mph (18.0km/hr)
Max High range speed (4 wheel drive): 14.6mph (23.5km/hr)
Max High range speed (2 wheel drive): 22.4mph (36.0km/hr)
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Oxbo 8435 Seed Corn Harvester

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