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Oxbo 7550 SprayerOxbo 7550 Sprayer

Oxbo has operated one of the nation’s largest and most successful dealer networks of front boom, high clearance sprayers for almost 20 years. We are excited to introduce the Oxbo 7550, high clearance sprayer. The 7550 offers a high capacity tank with a productive boom for all your spraying needs. Oxbo is dedicated to providing quality equipment with dedicated local technical support.

Oxbo 7400 Spreader
  • Crop Guides- Design gently diverts crops to avoid damage.
  • Narrower Fenders- Upgraded design allows you to move in and out of rows without disturbing crop
  • Center-folding, Poly Belly Pan Panels- New design is lighter weight and provides easier access to important areas for serviceability and troubleshooting.
  • Optional Direct Injection System- For operations where direct nutrient injection is preferred. 1, 2, 3, or 4 tank systems
  • Rear Boom Option- Features 12 nozzle, rear dispensing boom.
  • 1600 Gallon Tank- New option allows for a larger tank capacity and multiple mixing options
  • Detasseler Prep Package- New kit makes it easy to connect to TS4 toolbar for detasseling
  • Boom Options- The Millennium Boom is available in 90’, 100’ and 120’ foot options
  • Flotation Tire Option- LSW 650/60 R42 to keep you going in muddy conditions
Length:: 31ft 8in (9.65m)
Width (chassis only): 13ft (3.96m)
Width (including 120' boom):15ft 6in (4.72m)
Height:13ft 4in (4.06m)
Wheelbase:15ft (4.57m)
Wheel track adjustment: 120in - 160in (3.05 - 4.06m)
 Ground clearance: 6ft 5in (1.93m)
 Turning radius: 18ft 2in. (5.54m) 2-wheel steer (measured at center line of sprayer)
 On-board air compressor: Single dryer, 40L tank, 26.5 Cfm@ 1500rpm
 Wash water: Integrated hand-washing tank
 Lights: Halogen cab lights, hood and side platform
Type, brand:Scania DC09, Tier 4F
RPM values at working speed:1750rpm
 Displacement: 5 cylinder, 9.3L
 Alternator: 100amp, 24 volt
 Horsepower: 316HP (232.42kW) standard 350HP, (257.42kW) optional
 Cooling fan: Hydraulically driven
Front, rear:Goodyear VF380/90R46
Rating:Ultra sprayer - 173 load rating
 Rim: 2 piece
Drive Train
Drive train type:Hydrostatic, full-time 4 wheel drive
Spray speed 15-18mph (24.14 - 28.97 km/hr)
 Maximum transport speed 30mph (48.28km/h)
 Final drives Danfoss variable motors, Fairfield gearboxes
Fuel tank:134gal (507.25L)
DEF tank:10gal (37.85L)
 Solution tank: 1200gal Stainless steel (4,542.5L)
 Rinse tank capacity: 100gal (378.5L)
Solution System
Boom plumbing:Premium 304 Stainless pipe
Boom height range:20 - 99in (0.51 - 2.52m)
Pump: Hypro 9307C
 Pump rate: 370gpm
 Boom (standard): 120' Millennium aluminum
Precision Equipment
Rate control module (standarRaven
Display options:Ag Leader, Raven
Auto-steer options: Ag Leader, Raven
 Boom height control option: Raven UltraGlide boom height


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7550 Sprayer


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