Oxbo 5105 Spreader

Oxbo is excited to announce the latest edition to the Spreader line: the Oxbo 5105, five-wheeled spreader. The 5105 features steerable rear axles for agility and increased maneuverability. The Tebbe dry box has a 27-ton capacity and is equipped with hydraulic beaters and spinners on separate drives for adjustable spreading rates.

  • High flotation chassis
  • All-wheel drive
  • Adjustable, powered front wheel with 70 degree turning virtually eliminates berming with exceptional maneuverability, even in the tightest turns
  • 4-point air and hydraulic cab suspension
  • ZF CVT transmission
  • Powerful Scania engines
  • High capacity, side-by-side cooling with a reversing fan
  • Full range of factory installed precision options
  • Tebbe 27 ton capacity box with spreader and on-board weighing system
Length 36.(11.1m)
Width 10ft 5in (3.18m)
Height 12ft 5in (3.79m)
Wheelbase 27ft 6in (8.4m)
Steering and turning diameter 70 degree front wheel steering and rear wheel powered steering
Type, brand Scania DC13, Tier 4F
RPM at working speedAutomatic, 850-1650 rpm
Displacement 6 cylinder, 13L
Alternator 150 amp. 24 volt
Horsepower 550HP rated (405kW)
Reversible cooling fan Hydraulically driven
Front, rear Michelin 1050/50 R32
Drive train
Transmission ZF ECCOM 5.0 CVT (continuously variable)
Front axle Hydraulically driven with adjustable power
Rear axle Mechanically driven Kessler, LT91 axle with Planetary end reduction. 2 steerable axles, mounted on a bogie
Speed range selector Automatic range shifting
Front wheel drive Hydraulic drive, power adjustable in cab
Max transport speed 26 mph (42 km/h) DNMS
Fuel tank 170gal (650L)
DEF tank 15gal (60L)
Precision Options
Ag Leader Ag Leader In Command 1200 and Steer Command
Raven Raven Viper 4+ and Smartrax
Applicator Options
Box options Tebbe 27 ton capacity with spreader with on-board weighing system
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5105 Spreader

5105 Spreader

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