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Oxbo Vineyard HarvestersOxbo's line of Vineyard Equipment and Grape Harvesters

Built on the legacy of the Korvan brand, Oxbo continues to deliver innovative wine, juice, and raisin grape harvesting solutions. Oxbo also offers a multi-function power unit capable of spraying and other vineyard tasks.

Oxbo is excited to announce PremiumSort, an onboard sorting and cleaning system designed for the Oxbo 6120 grape harvester.

Oxbo's PremiumSort Cleaning System


Oxbo Grape Harvesters

Oxbo 6120

Oxbo 6120 Grape Harvester
  • High capacity
  • Can handle steep terrain
  • Flexible harvester

Oxbo 6220

Oxbo 6220 Trunk Shaker Grape Harvester
  • Trunk shaker
  • High capacity harvester
  • Industry leading cleaning

Oxbo 3016XL

Oxbo 3016XL Korvan Grape Harvester
  • High capacity
  • Easy to operate
  • Tight turning radius

Oxbo 3009XL

Oxbo 3009XL Korvan grape harvesters
  • Narrow harvester width
  • Tight turning radius
  • Extended catching area

Oxbo 3209XL

  • Ideal for GDC
  • Wide picking tunnel
  • New extended catching area

Oxbo 316XL

Oxbo 316XL Korvan Grape Harvester
  • Tow-behind grape harvester
  • High capacity
Oxbo Raisin Harvesters

Oxbo 3016XL

Oxbo 3016XL Raisin Harvester
  • High capacity
  • Easy to operate
  • Tight turning radius
Oxbo Multi-Function Harvester

Oxbo 4420


Oxbo 4420 mutli-function harvester

  • Multi-function power unit
  • Capable of high tonnages
  • Powerful ground drive system